Experiential Marketing


When our AList team members cater to your consumers through uniquely curated, positive, and engaging experiences we are doing more than pampering them with your logo. We are completely committed to rearing loyalty for your brand.

This means we want to get to know your product as well as you want your clients to! We’ve worked directly with the marketing teams of fortune 500 companies, and have been contracted by some of the largest celebrity event planning firms in the nation.

No matter who we are representing you and your clients will become our Alist VIP’s.
— A R I E L  L E W I S ,  A L I S T   C E O


“What Forbes says about consumers has made it clear that, for the most part, commercials just don’t do it for them anymore.
They can fast-forward through TV spots with their DVR, avoid and commercials altogether…”


“If you want to make your conference uniquely impactful… an experiential marketing campaign can take you leagues beyond your competition.
Not only that, but experiential marketing activation at a conference may actually be more effective, in terms of single-event ROI,
than doing one somewhere else.”


According to a CMO magazine article on the topic, experiential marketing “is a mutually
beneficial interaction between customer and brand in an authentically branded engagement.”


“This experiential marketing now extends to how alcohol brands court members of the press and social media “influencers.”
Industry parties have never been swankier… “